In the short time the studio has been open, John has recorded a wide variety of artists — everything from pop to country to rock. No matter if it’s a new artist recording a debut album or a seasoned pro, John helps musicians find their perfect sound.

Recent Projects

Whit Grumhaus “The Hungry & The Hunted” 2017

Tyler Austin “Don’t Start with Me” released 2016 

Sheriff Reno Hamilton released 2016 

Ira Dean Various Remixes

Narrow Plains (UK 2015 release) International 2016
Youtube, iTunes

Rob West “Into the Clouds” 2015

LaureNicole “Light The Way” released 2015
Reverbnation, iTunes

Film and other Projects

Cutting Tracks (tv series)
Executive Producer & Producer, in production

Walking Out (feature film)
Associate Producer, 2017

Folk Hero Funny Guy (feature film)
Executive Producer, Tribeca Film Festival, 2016

Disaster (Broadway play)
Partner & Producer, 2016

Rawdon’s Roof (short)
Executive Producer, 2015

A Bedtime Story (short)
Executive Producer, 2015

The Cask of Amontillado (short)
Executive Producer & Producer, Filmed at Deep River, 2015

Swallow Your Bliss (tv series)
Executive Producer 2014